Packages & Prices

Below you’ll see the 3 options for the collection of your placenta, and the delivery of your completed capsules.

Regardless of which option you choose, every booking receives the following:

The Placenta Kit

This is sent out at 36 weeks once your booking is confirmed.

It contains a flat packed, branded and insulated cooler bag.

Included are ID labelled storage bags for your placenta, the safety checklist, plus all the information you and your careproviders need.

It also contains full instructions about when/how to contact me, how the placenta needs to be handled and stored after the birth, plus collection or delivery instructions.

The Placenta Kit is compact, convenient and discreet. Plus it fits easily into hospital fridges.

More importantly, it meets the Department of Health Requirements for the Packaging and Transport of Pathology Specimens and Associated Materials.

The Capsules Package

Your placenta capsules are typically finished 24-36 hours after your placenta is received.

You will be notified when they are complete and before they are sent by Express Post (Option 1 & 2) or returned to you in person (Option 3).

Along with your placenta capsules you’ll receive a detailed information booklet.

This includes suggested usage, guidance on when to reduce or cease your intake, storage tips and much more.

You’ll also receive a detailed summary of your placenta’s unique features.

The Optional Extras

The following may also be added onto your booking: Placenta Tincture, Placenta Print and/or an Umbilical Cord Keepsake.

A PLACENTA TINCTURE is made from using a small piece of either the raw or steamed placenta (whichever encapsulation method you chose on your booking form).

This is placed into a solution of high grade alcohol for 6 weeks.

After this time it’s strained off to create the 100ml placenta tincture. This is then posted out to you. The timing of this often coincides with your capsules coming to an end.

A placenta tincture can be used once your capsules are finished and in times where you may experience emotional stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, a drop in milk supply or illness.

This is drop dose remedy. Full instructions are included.

When stored in a cool, dark place placenta tinctures remain shelf-stable for many years.

Additional cost – $60.

A PLACENTA PRINT is also available in addition to the placenta encapsulation service.

The print is done using the natural tone, which dried as red/brown (pictured).

A placenta print is taken from the fetal side of the placenta with its unique vessel lines and umbilical cord insertion.

The paper used is artist quality watercolour, acid-free, 200gsm A3 size.

Prints are sprayed with a sealant once dry.

Please note all print results and colours will naturally vary.

Additional cost: $40

An UMBILICAL CORD KEEPSAKE is optional and free of charge.

The cord can be dried into various shapes such as heart, spiral, circle or baby’s first initial.

Some mothers chose to include them in baby books, keepsake boxes, frame them or bury them ceremonially.

Shapes available will often depend on the length of cord left attached to the placenta.

All results will naturally vary.


*Prices are valid as of 1st April 2022*

  • Placenta is
  • delivered to
  • Kristin/BodyWise BirthWise.
  • Placenta capsules
    (and any other items)
    are returned by Express Post within
  • 24-36 hours.
  • Placenta is
  • collected* by
  • Kristin/BodyWise BirthWise.
  • Placenta capsules
    (and any other items)
    are returned by Express Post within
  • 24-36 hours.
  • Placenta is
    collected* by
  • Kristin/BodyWise BirthWise.
  • Placenta capsules
    (and any other items)
    are returned^ in person to hospital or home within
  • 48 hours.

*These flat fees (above) only apply if your hospital or home location is within Zone 1 (see listing below).

^ Option 3: If you’re looking at this option (where your capsules are returned in person) please be aware there may be additional travel fees for delivery, depending on your location. See Zone listings below.

Additional travel fees

The Placenta Package Fees shown above only apply if your hospital or home location is within Zone 1 (see below). If not then the following additional travel fee will apply per trip, i.e for collection and/or delivery of capsules.

Zone 1 locations: Any location within 20km return radius from BodyWise BirthWise/Hamilton Hill (e.g. Fiona Stanley, SJOG Murdoch, local homebirths) – No additional fees apply

Zone 2 locations: Any location within 50km return radius from BodyWise BirthWise/Hamilton Hill (e.g. SJOG Subiaco, KEMH) – additional travel fee of $75 per trip applies.

Zone 3 locations: Any location within 80km return radius from BodyWise BirthWise/Hamilton Hill (e.g. Rockingham, SJOG Mt Lawley, Glengarry, Osborne Park, SJOG Midland) – additional travel fee of $110 per trip applies.

Zone 4 locations: Any location within 110km return radius from BodyWise BirthWise/Hamilton Hill (e.g. Joondalup) – additional travel fee of $150 per trip applies.

If you’re having a homebirth, please contact to confirm what Zone your home is in.

CAPSULES RETURN – Capsules being returned by post (Option 1 & Option 2) are sent by Australia Post Express Mail service. This is a guaranteed overnight delivery in metro areas, and comes with parcel tracking and a signature required on delivery.

Why choose Kristin at BodyWise BirthWise?

2022 marks the 10th year of providing this service to women all over Perth! Over this time I’ve always prided myself on not being just another placenta encapsulation business.

It has always been my personal mission to offer a safe and professional service, with an unrivalled customer service!

At each step from the beginning to the end, I aim to provide a stress-free, convenient, personal and discreet service.

I do not overbook. Numbers are capped each month so my availability is ensured and l can provide a personalised service.

I am dual-certified (PBi, APPA) and my Blood Borne Pathogens training is updated yearly.

I do not make any ‘therapeutic claims’ around the use or benefits of the placenta. This is against TGA guidelines.

I’ve always held the relevant insurance for this work.

I was the first encapsulator in Perth to offer the personal and branded Placenta Kits for clients in 2017. This system meets the Department of Health’s Packaging and Transport of Pathology Specimens and the Infection Control Guidelines.

The Placenta Kit comes to you flat packed. It then remains a compact and discreet aid at the hospital/your place of birth.

I do not intrude on your birth space to collect your placenta – even if you do invite me in, I will never ask for photos with you whilst I’m there. 

I am always sensitive to your needs for privacy and rest around this time. So placenta collections are always discreet and often occur outside of, or well away from your room. 

Your placenta will only ever be collected, handled and processed by myself – from start to finish.  

I do not have others working with, for me, or ‘helping out’ that may process your placenta without the necessary training and qualifications.

I work on one placenta at a time, from start to finish. Even with multiple sets of equipment.

All placenta preparation methods involve strict handling and storage protocols, patient identification procedures, temperature preparation guidelines, aseptic technique practises with hospital grade chemicals, universal precautions and personal protection equipment (PPE). All my sanitation procedures adhere to the Australian Government Department of Health Infection Control Guidelines.

I do not use – and would never use – essentials oils in steaming water below a placenta. There is absolutely no evidence to support the application, safety or efficacy of this practise. 

I have a dedicated workspace, and only use dehydrator machines all fans positioned above.

I only use clear capsules when encapsulating a placenta. I feel it’s important to be able to see the integrity of the capsule’s contents at all times.

I only pack placenta capsules in rigid (recyclable) plastic containers. Glass bottles pose a greater risk of breakage and coating capsules in glass shards rendering them unusable. 

I have never had a report of any ill-effects experienced from clients using their placenta capsules.

I do not reveal any client’s identity through promotional photos/video of ID labels or the container of finished placenta capsules.

Got questions? See the FAQ here


The statements, services and products on this website have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) due to the nature of this service and products.

The placenta encapsulation services offered by BodyWise BirthWise are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition.

Whilst the benefits of consuming the placenta postnatally are based on research studies, articles and testimonials from new mothers, this research is ongoing and BodyWise BirthWise does not give any warranty or representation that these benefits are guaranteed.

It is your responsibility, based on your own research of the benefits and risks of placenta encapsulation, to determine whether using placenta preparations may be of benefit to you.