Short story & juicy bits

Hi, I’m Kristin Beckedahl.

I live and breathe my work – it’s just who I am. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work; it’s just me doing what I was meant to do. It comes very naturally and is definitely an evolution in progress!

I have been a Naturopath for the past 19 years, a Childbirth Educator and Doula for over 12 years and a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for 7 years.

My buzz comes from holistically supporting both women and men, as they navigate the transition to parenthood.

Needs around this time are immense and often unrealised, as one Dad reflected, “Kristin was there anticipating needs we didn’t even know we had, until she’d fulfilled them.

Seeing pregnancies bloom, seeing women learning and discovering their body’s innate wisdom for birthing, makes me happy. Seeing women stepping into their labours informed, resourceful and confident, also makes me happy. Working alongside partners as they skillfully support – with a heightened awareness – before, during and after birth, makes me proud.

I’m a big believer in the ‘fourth trimester’ and have seen firsthand the difference the acknowledgement of this can make to both a newborn and their parents lives!

I am also the mother to two amazing children. By far, my greatest life achievement!

I live by the Indian Ocean in Fremantle, Western Australia. I will never tire of the sunsets and lifestyle. Home is amongst the gum trees, backyard chooks and our endearing English Springer Spaniel, Albie.

Juicy Bits

I am a second generation birth worker, having heard birth stories from a very early age from my mother who was a midwife.

One day in 1998, not long after finishing my Naturopathy degree, I had a tarot card reading in Byron Bay (as you do). The woman told me she could see pregnancy and babies all around me in my future. And there I was thinking I would go on to be a mother of 12! Phew!

Good coffee matters. So does forgiveness, gratitude, sleep and I love you’s.

Birth matters. Mothering matters. As does how a woman feels throughout her experiences of both.

I am still moved to tears at every birth I attend as a doula. Very much a cup-runneth-over moment!

I have had an ongoing love affair with herbal medicine since I was a little girl. My first job after graduating was managing a herbal dispensary. Complete herbal heaven!

I have a vivid imagination and do love hanging out there.

I met the man of my dreams on the dancefloor in the wee hours at a nightclub in Sydney. Yes, magic happens!

I have leapt from a light aircraft not once, but twice in skydives. On my second jump I was also 10 weeks pregnant.

I have been described as a realist, passionate and committed. And also stubborn.

As a doula I have affectionately been called “a wingman”, “a secret weapon” and “a beacon of continuity”.

I have a love of learning and writing. And indulging in raw desserts.

I also LOVE to roller skate. 

Life is better when I get to move my body, spend time immersed in the ocean, and when down dogs and sun warriors feature regularly.

For every woman I support within our very privileged Australian maternity system, I proudly *give back* to help other women around the world who are not as fortunate, give birth in a cleaner and safer environment through the inspiring work of Birthing Kits Foundation Australia.

World Vision has also been part of our family for the past 13 years. Our sponsor child, Alfred from Uganda, is now a healthy 17 year old attending school regularly. He has come a long way since we fell in love with him as a snotty-nosed 4 year old in an oversized shirt.

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