Birth Education Feedback

Private Birth Classes:

“I am a supervisor/shift worker and it was difficult to make the antenatal classes at the hospital with my wife. I found these sessions to be more worthwhile from the Dad’s point of view as Kristin catered them precisely for us. We were comfortable and relaxed in our own home and my wife felt she learnt so much more from these sessions than the antenatal classes. Highly recommended, convenient, good value for money. Cheers Kristin.” Dave & Renae, first-time parents

“I feel a lot more informed about birthing without medical interventions/management. I thought the demo of how the baby moves through the pelvis using the props was a fantastic tool. Now I feel a lot more confident that my body can do it!! Kristin’s approach was positive, supportive, balanced, passionate and awesome!” (Mum) “I’ll admit I was semi-interested in doing the sessions, but now after doing it I am a major advocate for all men doing this. It was interesting, informative and great for fathers-to-be. I liked how the information was thoroughly researched, objective and presented intelligently.” (Dad) J & P, first-time parents

“I enjoyed the relaxed manner you presented the sessions, being one on one was great. All the information was presented in an easy way to understand. It was all very educational and put me at ease.” (Mum) “The sessions were very educational and gave me confidence, plus a better understanding of what is going to happen for my wife and I.” (Dad) R & D,  first-time parents

Active Birth Workshops:

“I’ll just say I’m SO glad we got to go to your workshop – definitely well worth it. It really builds up the mum-to-be’s self confidence in the whole birthing process and her body’s capabilities. I’m actually looking forward to going into labour!”  Erna

“Thanks again for the workshop – we’re still raving about it to other people.”  Megan

“Learning how the pelvis is designed for birth, how it moves and how different positions can either open or close it, was a highlight for me.  It was great to learn how our bodies are designed for labour and I definitely feel more informed, inspired and confident with my body’s capabilities.” Sonia

“I really liked the sense of empowerment I got from the workshop, knowing there are things I can control. I liked the openness of the discussions, practising birth positions and working through the process of labour. It was all great and of complete relevance. I now feel informed, empowered and able!”  Rachel

“The workshop was a real eye-opener to me, I wasn’t aware of all the choices and alternatives available to us.”  Camille

“I really like how there was an opportunity to ask questions and discuss particular points.  I loved hearing about personal experiences and seeing the role-plays of what labour may look like – gutsy and valuable!  I now feel stimulated to continue discussing our choices and visualising scenarios with my partner.”  Marty

“I liked how my partner’s fears were eased a lot more than before we came. I also feel more relaxed at what is about to happen. I thought Kristin presented the workshop in a positive, friendly and balanced manner.”  Luke

“I really liked the atmosphere you created. The role-plays, intervention game, open discussion (not to mention your acting) were the parts I enjoyed the most. I can say now I am excited and can’t wait for it!”  Dan

“The workshop was fantastic and it feels as though my husband and I are really on the same page now. We both thought it was really interesting, exciting and also stimulating. I feel so empowered – I am a woman, I know what I’m doing and my body was made for this!” Bronte

“Thank you so much for workshop. We found it so useful and informative and wish we had attended this 13 years ago when we had our first child. You are a fantastic educator and you have produced a very professional workshop. The notes and handouts are really good and have provided us with lots to think about and ponder, but I think by far the most useful part of the workshop was the experiential practicing and role-playing. I know that this will help me enormously.” Fran, 3rd baby

“I enjoyed hearing the ‘other side to the story‘. The workshop filled in all the gaps and answered the questions we still had with after the hospital antenatal classes. Thankyou!” Jason

Beer & Bubs – Childbirth Education for men at the pub

“Absolutely fantastic! A down to earth, fully engaging insight into the mind of a woman giving birth. More importantly, an insight into how the male species can help to make this a less stressful time and be a major part of this wonderful time! Kristin was brilliant; very at ease with people, a great presenter and kept things interesting. I can see why women in labour would feel totally at ease with her! Well done Kristin, Beer + Bubs was bloody marvellous, the best money I have spent in years!” Dave

“Beer + Bubs was very eye-opening! Informative, fun and a great concept. Kristin was excellent, very informative and knowledgable. She kept it real, told it like it is, but had some fun at the same time. She dealt with anything thrown at her with aplomb.” Scott

“Kristin was excellent at presenting non-biased facts about partners being active and supportive during the birth process. The presentation was put forward with a joyful and positive aura which I believe, comes from the passion Kristin has for helping others during this phase in their lives.” Alan

“Thanks to Kristin for her expertise and putting me a little more at ease so that I know what NOT to do. The whole night was excellent and covered a lot of areas outside of the hospital info and is a lot more man-focused so we have an idea of what to do to actually help! Kristin had some great stories to help relate and entertain.” Adam

“Should be compulsory for all expectant fathers! Brilliant, useful information presented in a great atmosphere.” Pete

“My eye’s have been opened! Kristin was great, she talked at our level without being to over bearing with details. I learned a lot from her.” Matt.

“Kristin was so great, we hired her as our doula!” Dan

“My wife experienced everything from a nine hour active labour to an epidural, an hour of pushing and then a c-section. I have to say there is no way I would have handled supporting her as well as I did without the education from you. Thank you so much.” Jamison

“Thank you so much for what you have contributed – both Beer + Bubs and that phone call [early labour jitters]. I felt so much more equipped going into this that I would have been otherwise – and that is a huge thing I think for any bloke. Every bloke I meet who has a pregnant wife hears about Beer + Bubs and I have told loads of expecting fathers to get along to your workshop. I hope you know what a difference you make”. Kevin