Doula Services – Feedback

I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with many wonderful couples, and their families over the years. Their individual journeys, smiles, births and beautiful babies will always stay with me. A huge thank you to these families for sharing one of their most personal life experiences with me, and allowing their words and photos to be published here

Birth of Leo

“We were questioning whether or not we actually needed a doula, since we didn’t have one for our first birth – a wonderful homebirth without any issues.  I already knew Kristin through our fantastic experience with placenta encapsulation first time around and I just knew she’d be a beautiful addition to my support team throughout my second pregnancy and birth. So she became our doula.

I was amazed at what a difference she made throughout mine and my partner’s journey (as well as playing with my 2 year old every prenatal visit!) All I can say is that Kristin provided a lot more ‘depth’ for me during my second pregnancy, birth and postpartum. A depth of knowledge in terms of my nutritional needs and how to best take care of myself and bub through pregnancy, and more understanding of the blood tests/scans etc. and what they meant. She was also a listening ear when I needed to clarify my options/decisions throughout, someone I could share my last birth experience with and think about my intentions as to how it could be different this time.

407A4343_2Kristin was a well of encouragement and empowerment, especially as I was heading towards 2 weeks ‘over’ and my patience was seriously wavering! Someone on my team and on my ‘side’ – never advising me what to do but supporting my values/wishes, as well as helping me accept the unexpected and that which was out of my control.

The little touches throughout my labour, cooling me down with face washers dipped in ice water and massaging my hips while I was pushing (and showing my partner how to) made all the difference! And the incredible photos and video she took of our little boy’s birth will be treasured forever ♥ Deepest thanks Kristin xx “

Anna & Levi

Birth of Ava

image2“Kristin left a beautifully irreversible mark on our birth experience, from start to finish. Her knowledge and guidance proved invaluable to us because we were not very birth ‘savvy’ at the start! Going into the pregnancy I had no clue what I wanted and more importantly what I didn’t want, in bringing Ava into this world. Kristin helped me to navigate those confusing, overwhelming, and intimidating waters! I will always recommend the use of a Doula – someone who knows the world you’re about to enter into intimately! Kristin gave a sense of cool, calm and collected at every meeting and of course during and after the labour. She’s in your corner at all times and provides unbiased and educated advice, all with the purpose to help you decide for yourself. We can’t wait for round 2 with Kristin by our side again!!” ~ Kate

image1“Nine months ago I had no idea what a doula was; now I don’t know how you can go through childbirth without one… and I’m the husband!!! Being first time parents and unaware of what to expect through labour and the first days of our daughter’s life, Kristin brought a wealth of knowledge and experience that can not be understated. She provided unbiased information on all aspects of birthing and supported us in all decisions that we made. She became the backbone of our birthing team, supporting us through the journey and empowering us to make informed decisions and feel in control of the process. As a mother herself she was most instrumental in providing my wife with support that only a fellow mother can offer, whilst allowing me the opportunity to be the support that only a husband can be. I can’t thank Kristin enough for the role that she played in the birth of our daughter. People say that it’s not the destination but the journey…well we got both. A beautiful little daughter and a positive, life changing journey. Kristin was a major part of the journey and we’ll be looking for her the next time we go on one of these adventures.”  ~ Mic

Kate & Mic

Birth of Kai

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support, dedication, encouragement and words of insight, throughout the pregnancy and especially throughout Kai’s birth. Your presence at the birth will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Your passion, wisdom and support helped us have the truly divine, all natural waterbirth we so longed for. You more than exceeded our expectations and we definitely couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks for all the pre-birth education, the respectful and very loving post-birth visits and support, and the second miracle that is placenta encapsulation! Oh wow! How that made a difference is beyond words. Most of all, thank you for who you are and what you stand for in the world. See you at our second birth! All our love and gratitude.”

 Naomi & Cleve 

Birth of Archie

“James and I would like to thank you so very much for your support, encouragement and amazing wealth of knowledge that you provided to us as our doula. We found you to be the one person during our whole pregnancy that provided the most guidance and continuity of care. We were so impressed with the way you carried yourself, explained the process and also how you associated with the medical staff during the labour. When we think of the whole experience, other than meeting our baby finally, having you there was definitely one of the highlights. We cannot imagine going through the process without you and it was definitely the best investment we made. You cannot put a price on what you gave us and the service that you provide. We will definitely be calling on you again when we decide to have another baby! Thank you so much for your support and visits after Archie arrived. It was like welcoming a close family member back into our home.”

“The thing that drew us to choosing a doula in the first place was our want and need to have one consistent person during the entire process. The one person that knew us, that could also be there to advise and stand up for us if we needed, to help us find our voice when and if we couldn’t find it for ourselves. This not just a testimonial but it is a real account of not only how we felt during the experience of giving birth to our son, but also of how we felt having Kristin stand by our side and support us during the process. Not only did Kristin provide highly professional pre-birth sessions, she also spent time getting to know us; as we did her. The sessions were informative, practical and gave us real useable tips that helped assist us in our process. During the labour, Kristin’s choice of language and general demeanor was non confrontational and caring. So, in the eyes of the medical profession she really came across as ‘a support person; not here to interfere, but here to support these two people through their birthing process.’ 

When looking back at our experience of having Kristin with us, the words that come to mind are trust, an unwavering commitment and devotion. Other than meeting our son, having her with us was the highlight of the whole experience and we can’t wait to have her with us for a future labour.” 

“For me it was like having a wingman in my corner.” ~ James 

“For me it was like having a nurturing mother figure, I was so trusting of her and cannot imagine the process without her presence.” ~ Kate

Kate & James

Birth of Vivienne

“We knew that we wanted a doula for the birth of our first baby, and the wealth of information that Kristin has on her website made us feel confident that she’d be the one to help us along this crazy journey.

Every meeting we had with Kristin left us feeling more comfortable with the concept of a fear-free, natural birth. She had so much information that we soaked up and lent us a variety of DVDs, books, and material she’d collected for us. I appreciated how candid and straightforward she was about the birthing process. She also was an excellent advisor in regards to nutrition and recommended supplements to take throughout pregnancy that I’m sure assisted me in feeling as good as I did. I absolutely loved all of her herbal teas and still drink them now!

Towards the end of my third trimester, I didn’t feel nervous or doubtful of my abilities because Kristin constantly reinforced the idea that women were meant to do it. When I started having contractions in my 38th week, we contacted Kristin who came over to see how I was doing in early labour. She talked us through exactly what I could expect in the coming hours and it was immensely helpful being able to get into the mental headspace I needed to.

I ended up having an incredibly long drawn out labour where I had contractions between 6-10 minutes apart for 36 hours and all the while, my husband was in constant contact with Kristin who provided prompt words of support and encouragement. When I finally went to the birth centre, I had an amazing waterbirth 3 hours later without any drugs or interventions whatsoever.

It meant so much to me to have the birth experience not only that I had planned for but that I had wanted so much. I know that doesn’t happen for everyone and I am incredibly grateful for it. There is no way I would have been successful without the support of my husband and Kristin’s depth of experience. In the early days when we brought our beautiful baby girl home, Kristin was a welcome visitor who dispensed useful advice on newborns, breastfeeding, and what I could expect for my own recovery. It was such a comfort having her there. I cannot recommend Kristin as a doula enough – she is an essential part of the hard work of giving birth.”

Erin & Mark

Birth of Sam

“I can’t recommend Kristin and the services she provides, highly enough. Her support before, during and after the birth were invaluable to my experience of having my second child. My first labour was long, stressful and overwhelming. That experience left me feeling shattered and traumatised. I really wanted to have a different experience of birth, and Kristin was able to support me in doing just that.

The birth of my second child was challenging, but empowering. Loving and wonderful, all at the same time. Having Kristin there made such a huge difference to my sense of feeling supported and loved. I wish I had her for my first birth as well. Kristin also encapsulated my placenta following the birth. This was fantastic for me and I believe made the difference between falling on my feet and being overwhelmed in that early stage after birth. Fantastic stuff!”

Huia & Pete

Birth of Tinashe

“Our experience with Kristin was exceptional. From the booking appointment, through to the labour and postnatal visit. Kristin was very thorough during the antenatal visits, explaining everything we should expect and answering all our questions.

When I went into labour Kristin came promptly once labour was established. She was a fantastic support person, working well with my husband and mother-in-law. She was very supportive, both emotionally  and physically.  As I was going for a VBAC I needed more support emotionally as well and we had discussed this in the antenatal visits, but on the day she was exceptional. She suggested positions that helped optimise the baby’s descent and his birth and I was able to have my VBAC with no medication within 5 hours! Her herbal teas are also absolutely delicious, I wish I could drink them forever!”

Tecla & Simon

Birth of Louis

“Kristin’s role in the preparation, labour and birth of our third baby completely altered our experience. We were very much medically focused during the arrival of our first two babies. All three of our babies were born in a private hospital, but having Kristin as our doula for our third baby helped us to achieve the most amazing and empowering natural birth. She provided valuable information that added to what was given by our obstetrician and she supported all the decisions we made.

We are both very proud of what we achieved – and of each other, which is a lovely treasure to add to the ultimate joy of our son’s arrival. Every woman should have a doula to support her and her partner, no matter what setting she chooses to birth her babies in; and if you have one, I do hope she is like Kristin!”

Naomi & Matt

Birth of Jacob

“I knew that for this VBAC I wanted a doula and Kristin came highly recommended. We met for a coffee, where we talked about my wishes and Kristin’s service and I knew immediately that I wanted to hire her. It felt like we were on the same page with everything! I didn’t even meet with any other doulas. 

The support Kristin provided antenatally was amazing. The Workbook and Doula package is awesome, and all of the supplements and vitamins helped me to have a healthy pregnancy. I felt I could text or email at any time with concerns that I had and Kristin would always get straight back to me. 

We had lots of conversations which helped me work through feelings I had about my previous birth and how they might impact this pregnancy and birth – this emotional support was absolutely invaluable. Without it I’m sure I wouldn’t have coped as well as I have with the unfortunate outcome of another caesarean. It showed just how invested in us and our journey Kristin was when she was in tears after the decision was made that I needed another caesarean. She knew just how much I wanted a natural birth and was just as upset as we were.

I had my placenta encapsulated and Kristin also took photos of it and sent them to me while I was still in hospital, which I was so thankful for as I didn’t get to see it after the birth. She visited me in hospital twice and we debriefed about everything that happened in my attempt at a HBAC, which really helped me – and she clucked over our little boy!

It’s so clear that Kristin cares immensely for her clients and I would recommend her to anyone. My husband was never really convinced we needed a doula, even with all of my explanations. After our HBAC attempt and transfer to hospital, repeat caesarean and birth of our second son all with Kristin’s support, he was so thankful that we had her there with us and finally “got it”. Thank you Kristin, you are amazing and we’ll be forever grateful for your love and support!”

Carley & John Valikoula

Birth of Leo

41“I thought about hiring a doula for my first son’s birth, but I didn’t. Although it was an empowering experience in many ways, it also left me with feelings of regret as it didn’t work out the way we had hoped. So for my second pregnancy I knew without a doubt that we would hire a doula and I planned to have a waterbirth at my parents home in Perth! With Kristin’s wonderful, calming presence we achieved just that – I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy! 

I did a lot of internet searches, and came across Kristin’s website. I was so impressed with all the information and wonderful testimonials, and thought Kristin had such a friendly looking face! So my husband, son and I organised to meet up with her at a park in Perth. I felt at ease with Kristin as soon as I met her. She has this wonderful energy about her – it is as if you have known her for years. So we decided to hire Kristin for the birth of our second child. 

During my pregnancy Kristin kept in touch via email, text and phone conversations, as well as a number of great face to face catch ups. She was always quick to reply to my questions with helpful information, support and reassurance. She was genuinely interested in my progress and any issues I had, which really made me feel supported and respected. Her knowledge as a Naturopath was also invaluable, as she kept me healthy and energized with her supplements and herbal teas

When the time finally came and I was in labour, Kristin was calm and thoughtful. She arrived quickly and just fit right in – her presence was calming and reassuring. Although she hadn’t worked with my midwife before, it was as if they had been working together for years – they really complimented each other, and I felt really confident in myself and my support team.

It was as though Kristin knew exactly what to do and when. She gave me some amazing massages, and at one point I thought she had 4 arms, when she used her legs and hands to give me what felt like the most amazing massage on my hips and lower back!! She gave me drinks, wiped my forehead, offered me ice and whispered words of encouragement – these simple things were so important, and gave me the strength to keep going when things got tough.

There was a time in my labour when I was almost transferred to hospital, and this really got me down both mentally and physically. Had it not been for my amazing support team including Kristin who encouraged me and had faith in me and my body, I’m not sure I would have had the wonderful and empowering waterbirth I had so wanted. After Leo’s birth Kristin provided great postnatal support, and really helped in de-briefing the birth, which I think is so important.

Overall, I am so, so happy I decided to hire Kristin. She is a wonderful doula and beautiful person, who is so passionate about helping women achieve the birth they want. When I first met with Kristin, I told her that the most important thing to me was to have a birth with no regrets, and I can honestly say with happiness in my heart that I have no regrets this time round! Thanks Kristin xxx”

Paula & Andrew

Birth of Liam

“What an amazing experience we had! We’d like to thank you Kristin for being there for us right from the very beginning. Your support in the early days via email and phone were the perfect support for us to stay calm and to know we were on the right track. Being first time parents, this support meant the absolute world to us, as there were so many important decisions to be made. Our meetings with you always felt natural and comfortable. You really are a wealth of information which we have been able to take away with us.

The gentle, calm waterbirth of our beautiful baby boy is thanks to all we learned from you, and put into practise. You gave us the strength to believe we could do it…and we did! Thanks Kristin for giving us this great gift. With love.”

Sean & Elise xxx

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Birth of Laylah

lara“Kristin is such an easy person to talk to. During my pregnancy I always looked forward to our appointments – they were the highlight of my week! When the big day came, I found that she was supporting me in such an non-intrusive way, that I forgot she was there at times. This meant my husband and I got to feel the intimacy of being alone, while still being completely supported when it was needed – endless hours of massage, drinks, cold flannels etc – thanks Kristin!

I also found amazing support in her during our bumpy first week, and beyond.”  

Lara & Scott

Birth of Kate

Tim: “Our first daughter, Eden’s, birth was not a pleasant experience, at least not from the moment we arrived at the hospital. We had made a birth plan, but once confronted with the slow pace and intense pain of labour, we ended up giving in to a series of interventions that led to us feeling like we’d lost control of the entire situation (which we had). When Eden was finally born after about 18 hours, we were thrilled to meet her, but the birth experience left us literally in fear of getting pregnant again.

The second time around we were determined to do things differently. Kathryn’s sister had given birth to her daughter with the assistance of a doula, so we decided to look into that option. After a bit of research and a few interviews, we found that Kristin was the one who matched our philosophy of childbirth the most, and who had us most convinced that she actually had a passion for pregnancy and childbirth.

IMGP3035In the weeks leading up to the birth, we both read a lot of the materials she’d provided in her booklet. It was so encouraging to be reminded about the female body’s natural ability to give birth; what was actually taking place, and most importantly how the body is truly capable of doing it. After each meeting we felt relieved to know that Kristin would be there with us in the birthing suite.

When the big day arrived, Kathryn and I spent the morning at home waiting out some manageable contractions. After lunch, we called Kristin to let her know that we were heading to the KEMH family birthing centre, where she met us. Just as we’d hoped, everything was different this time. I was able to attend to Kathryn’s emotional needs and hold her up through contractions, encouraging her with words while Kristin provided massage/counter-pressure to relieve pain. When Kathryn got into the birthing pool, Kristin was there pouring warm water over her back, which was a great relief, and even a bit of a pleasure between contractions. She was there when we needed her, anticipating needs we didn’t even know we had until she’d fulfilled them! When we didn’t need her, she was taking beautiful photos and giving us space to experience the moments ourselves.

Thanks to Kristin’s support leading up to and during the birth, everyone was in just the right frame of mind, and the birth went wonderfully smooth. It was all over in just a couple of hours, completely drug-free. Little Kate was beautiful, and Kathryn and I both wept with joy at having accomplished the natural birth of a perfectly healthy baby. So thank you Kristin, for helping us change the birth experience from one of fear, to one of fulfilment and joy.” 
Kathryn & Tim 

Birth of Xavier

NP2“After the birth of our first son, Leo by caesarean section I was determined to try for a VBAC. I had spoken at length with other women regarding using a doula and set about to find one of my own. When I met Kristin, I knew immediately that she was the person who I would want assisting with my birth. 
From the time that I started corresponding with Kristin, she opened my eyes to what women are capable of when it came to birth. All the information she provided, whether it was via email, text or on her Facebook page educated me on what my body was able to do. Watching the inspirational YouTube videos that Kristin posted on her Facebook page gave me faith in myself and gave me a strength I didn’t think I had. Kristin also gave me advice on how to nurture my body and prepare it for the birth which was invaluable. 
It was 2 weeks after my estimated due date that I made the decision to be induced. Kristin was so supportive of my decision and (like always) made sure that I had made an informed decision. Luke and I went into the hospital the night before Xavier was born and my waters were broken. The next day, after many hours of no progress, I made the choice to have a syntocin drip put in to speed up the labour. I began to have mild contractions and I told Kristin that I would call her once they became stronger.
At 10:15pm Kristin arrived at the hospital and instantly put myself and my husband at ease. At this stage I was calm and still able to hold a conversation. At 11:40pm my contractions were stronger and Kristin was by my side reminding me to breathe and to let go. By 11:50pm the contractions were proving to be too much for me and I was emotionally and physically tired. I made the decision to have an epidural.

After a long night of no progress, we made the decision to have a caesarean as baby’s head was not in the right position. Kristin was there to reassure me and keep me smiling and laughing as we shared stories about our children whilst I waited to go to theatre. Even at 4:00am in the morning, Kristin was willing to stay with me and after speaking to our midwife she went home and waited to hear from us.

Kristin and my husband made a wonderful team. Having Kristin there to “mother” me whilst I felt my surges was a wonderful experience. Between her and my husband I felt cared for and safe. At 6:40am our son Xavier was born. Kristin visited me in hospital a couple of days later to meet our gorgeous new addition, have a cuddle and take some beautiful photos.

From the day I met Kristin, I went on a wonderful journey of learning about myself and the joy of what birth is. She opened my eyes to what we as women are capable of. I thank her for not only being a source of information, but a source of inspiration. Kristin regularly shared her own birth experiences with me and we were able to talk for hours. She was always available when I needed advice, help or just someone to talk to. It is very rare to meet someone who is so passionate about what she does.
Kristin also put together a wonderful video for us with all the photos she took during my labour. She also documented the different stages of my labour, which helped remind me of my strength and tenacity during the labour. That in itself empowered me. I still watch the video Kristin made and it was so lovely to see the birth through her eyes. It still brings tears to my eyes after I watch it.
Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough to say to Kristin. After meeting her, getting to know her and having her support me before, during and after my birth, I feel like I have grown and come away as a better woman. Her energy is contagious and she is so committed to the women that are using her services. Now my husband understands why I wanted to have a doula. 
From this I have made a friend, and the role that Kristin played in my pregnancy and birth will stay with me forever.”
Nicole & Luke

Birth of Daniel

“When I started researching VBACs, having a doula was definitely on the top of my list of priorities. I think I had read just about everything there was to read about the topic. When I found Kristin’s Facebook page I was so happy to see that the things she was posting and sharing were all the same things I had read and loved about doulas and the wonderful things that our bodies can do when they birth naturally.

All our correspondence and meetings leading up to the birth were very informative, reassuring and calming for me. My husband was also learning a lot and Kristin gave us some wonderful resources to compliment what we had already learnt. I was so happy to see that the books in her library were also those that I had read and loved myself. Knowing that she was going to be with us in hospital while I was in labour was very empowering as I knew that she would be able to make sure my birth preferences would be respected. Seeing as this was also my first labour, I felt more confident that I would be able to labour at home for as long as possible with an experienced doula by my side.

It was 9 days after my estimated due date before I was in labour. The weeks of pre-labour had been exciting at first, but eventually I was getting worried as the dreaded induction date loomed. Kristin was always there to boost my confidence whenever I needed it and also keep me focused on what I wanted to achieve. On the morning I went into labour, things progressed quickly. By the time I was texting Kristin to tell her that today was the day, my contractions were already 50 seconds long and 5 minutes apart. The hospital midwife was keen for me to come straight in but I felt that I was coping fine at home.

When Kristin arrived, she observed what was happening and soon after helped us get to the car when we decided it was time to move. Once we arrived at the hospital, the intensity of my labour went up a notch. It wasn’t long before I was in transition and then pushing. 

Having Kristin and my husband supporting me through my labour was exactly what I needed. I had wanted a natural, active, intervention free labour and that is exactly what happened. The sips of water, cold flannels on the back of my neck, massage on my lower back, gentle touches and quiet reassuring words were helping me focus on coping with my contractions. I was completely aware of what was happening with my body and knowing that my baby was making his way to the outside world was an amazing feeling.

The support Kristin gave us through the whole journey was invaluable. Meeting a like-minded individual is always special and I know we made the right choice in having her as our doula. We also have some of the most amazing photos that I will treasure forever.”

Emma & Chris

Birth of Sierra

“It was around week 32 of my pregnancy when I decided to meet with doulas to find the ‘right one’ for my VBAC. I met with Kristin on a nice sunny Friday, where little did I know she would be apart of our journey for the upcoming birth of our daughter. Once we got talking, we got along really well and within about 20 minutes I knew she was the perfect doula for me. It was like we were kindred spirits and we had met in another life. She had kind and honest eyes and I knew then I didn’t even want to meet with anyone else.  I also knew then and there, that I would do whatever it took to get the money together to pay for her wonderful service. My partner was a little hesitant about the idea of a doula, but with much convincing, he decided that if it was what I wanted in order to have a successful vaginal birth he was happy to say yes.

Kristin was an important part of our labour/birth, and I wouldn’t have been able to get through it all without her there. Having a second person to help with the pain was fantastic! She helped by suggesting positions to help with the contractions, used heat packs, kept me hydrated, massaged and poured hot water on my back while in the tub, and of course gave me positive words to keep me on track.  She was also great that when I wanted no talking and just pressure on my lower back; she just let me get on with it. I am very grateful to her, as my labour was very long and she stayed by my side the whole time, with Lee’s help of course.

Sierra Marie Woods came into this world on 5th December 2011 at 7.46am all with the love and support from my partner Lee and Kristin. Kristin’s role as a doula was worth every penny and anyone looking for a wonderful birth support person, Kristin is your woman!!”

Love Hayley, Lee, Logan & Sierra xx  

Birth of Archie

“Your care for us throughout our journey was simply wonderful, and your knowledge and enthusiasm helped us experience the best in birthing. We will never forget what you gave us, and we will always preach for the work of doulas everywhere!”

Justine & Scott

Read Justine’s birth story as featured in Offspring Magazine, Winter 2012 edition here

Birth of McKenzie

“Thank You. Those two words just don’t seem like enough when reflecting on the support you provided to our family before, during and after the birth of our daughter. I know we waited until rather late in the pregnancy to contact you and were so grateful you were willing to agree to be our doula at such short notice.

You jumped right in and began our antenatal appointments, 2 hours turned into 3, all the while providing encouraging and uplifting advice and recommendations. I thought of you as our ‘guide,’ you helped us ask the questions we needed to in order to make our own decisions. I was so nervous and a little scared up until that point given the difficult pregnancy combined with my lack of familiarity with Australian Hospitals, I was willing her to stay in. Thanks to you, I spent days on that exercise ball, read through wonderful information that you provided from your personal library, enjoyed your encouraging calls and texts checking in, and when the time came I felt ready to give birth to our daughter naturally.

As you know it didn’t quite turn out the way we planned, 34 hours later but our ultimate goal was to have a VBAC and we did it!  Your support through the long labour hours was crucial, we stayed at home longer in the beginning and according to my husband, he couldn’t have supported me without you. And just when you think you’ve accomplished the hard part you were there the days after, to continue your support and guidance in the early days of her birth. As you know we wanted nothing more than to be able to breastfeed McKenzie since we were not able to with our first, and although it was difficult and unfamiliar you supported us and referred us for more support and we’re proud to say 4 months later she’s thriving beautifully!

We just re-watched our birth video a few weeks ago to remind us how far we’ve come and cried all over again. It was such an amazing experience that you captured for us and we can’t say “Thank you” enough.”

Love from Dan, Leanna, Ethan & McKenzie

Birth of Bonnie

“Kristin, words don’t seem enough to express our thanks for all your support around Bonnie’s birth. We see you more than our naturopath and doula, but now a friend for life who was there for us, now around both of our children’s births. You had such a way for building my confidence in myself when I was beginning to question things, even before the birth. I loved your workbook and all the chats we had, your passion for your work is a wonderful thing!

Paul felt and acted calmer when you were around and appreciated all the support you gave during the labour. Sometimes it was a few words, a reassuring look, a smile or nod that let him know all was well. Your presence and guidance gave me strength and belief in myself on so many levels. The photos we will treasure always and they still bring tears to my eyes, just beautiful. Thanks for all your help after the birth with breastfeeding and my tonics, all is wonderful now.”

Love always, Louisa, Paul, Finn & Bonnie xxx 

Birth of Aleah

IMGP6851“Wow, where do we begin!? Kristin was an huge part of our birth; before, during and after. She is professional, caring and deeply passionate about assisting families to achieve the birth they desire. In our case it was a VBAC, naturally without medical intervention and pain relief, and we did it! 

We remember her being there in different capacities. At times, it was just words – motivating, gentle and encouraging, other times it was cooling Jude down or warming her up and other times it was right in there supporting her in birthing positions and massage.

Kristin was also there for advise throughout the birth and to ensure that our birth wishes were kept at the forefront throughout the labour.There were many occasions, had the support structure not been there, that our wishes would have taken a back seat to medical protocol. Having Kristin’s thorough and highly educated advise leading up to the birth empowered Jude to do what her body was designed for as well as giving Pete the confidence to know what to do as the support partner. From this we have made a lovely friend who’s part in our birth will stay with us forever, thank you Kristin.”

Love from Pete, Jude, Maddison & baby Aleah xxx  

Birth of Finn

GetAttachment“I was 35 weeks pregnant when I first began to consider a doula for my baby’s birth. I thought I had left it a bit late but a friend of mine put me in contact with Kristin. I liked how Kristin had so much energy for me and didn’t think 35 weeks was too late at all as I was worried about this. I also liked how her goal was for me to ‘birth with satisfaction’ and not to birth a certain way (without drugs, at a certain place etc).

I was very lucky she was also a naturopath and knew a lot about pregnancy nutrition and herbal medicines. She checked my diet and my pregnancy vitamins and made some changes and gave me some gentle herbal remedies. I noticed changes within a week. I enjoyed our sessions together and she covered anything I asked her about, had lots of up-to-date research and taught me alot about my body. The affirmations helped a lot and ‘mapping’ my pelvis was amazing.

My labour was long and hard work, but Kristin stayed with us the whole time. There were times I felt I couldn’t go on but somehow I managed to with the support Kristin and my husband gave me. I remember her saying how she believed in me and how strong I was for not giving up on my goal. That helped so much in that moment! She helped my husband help me in ways he never would have known as this was all new to him too! Her massage was amazing and once I got in the birth pool, I couldn’t believe my baby was so close. It was scary and exciting all at the same time but she kept me focused and grounded through the birth. I gave birth naturally and feel so proud of myself. Seeing her and my husband hugging and crying once Finn was born was beautiful.

Thank you Kristin, we both felt you made all the difference to Finn’s birthday, and my husband now understands why I wanted a doula so much. He is also very grateful and the amazing photos we will always treasure.”

Love Louisa, Paul and Finn xx   

Birth of Jonnie

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Kristin since 2003. I first met Kristin when I went to see her as a naturopath as I was trying to get pregnant. We devised a preconception health plan and I was soon pregnant! I was perfectly healthy throughout my pregnancy and Kristin also led me towards the path of learning about peaceful and natural birth. I developed a lot of faith in my body whilst pregnant and I have Kristin to thank for that.

Leading up to the birth I felt strong and confident that things would turn out as they should. Kristin wasn’t able to attend the birth because she was busy being a Mum herself, yet I remember chatting to her on the phone in early labour as I walked up and down a farm driveway many miles away! Her words were always fun, supportive and strong.

During my second pregnancy she was the same informative friend and trusted professional. This time I laboured with Kristin as my doula and my homebirth midwife – a completely different experience than my first! I remember saying to Kristin it was like cheating the pain somehow as it all seemed ‘easier’. She encouraged me and kept me focused, massaged and poured warm water over my working body (heaven!). All of this made the long labour slip by.

IMGP1046_2Although in the end I didn’t quite get the birth I wanted, I am very much at peace with the way Jonnie came into the world. I am so grateful to Kristin for my special memories, the power she brought to my family and I, and most importantly helping us be at peace with Jonnie’s birth. She has also given me confidence in all aspects of being a mother. I can’t imagine how women ever gave birth alone. Kristin’s passion and commitment to see me through my pregnancies and births was relentless. We don’t always have that tireless energy around us! Thankyou!” 

Love Kerry & Tim

Birth of Sofi

IMGP2161“I gave birth to my first baby Sofi in January. When I look back on the birth there was no way I could have done it with out the help of Kristin – she is very relaxing to be around! Her detailed knowledge about the process of birth is incredible, but her passion is absolutely exceptional! This made us feel even more excited about the whole process.

Kristin taught my husband and myself so much information before the big day, giving me so much confidence and understanding in what was happening. My husband would have never been such an active part without the help of Kristin.

At one stage during some intense contractions I was holding Kristin and my husband so very tightly and we were breathing together – great support! It went just the way that was best for me and I am very happy with my experience. Kristin even managed to take the only photos of Sofi on her birthday. Labour may only be one day of our life but it is a day that we will all remember for the rest of our lives… thank you for being there Kristin.”

Love Always Cary & Jolene xxx

Birth of Eve

3-Cole,EveandAngelKB_2“The support that Kristin provided during the labour and birth, both physically and emotionally was invaluable, and resulted in a birthing experience that exceeded our hopes and expectations. We have recommended Kristin to everyone we know who is serious about a natural birth. She has been a great source of wisdom since the birth of our daughter and we will always share a special bond.” (Nicole)

“Our greatest thanks of this entire enterprise goes to you Kristin. Your prenatal care and education was great, but your professionalism and support for us made this a truly wonderful event. To all those having babies soon, get a doula, ours was priceless!” (Nick)

Love Nick and Nicole x