Naturopathic Services

“I went to see Kristin for help with severe PMT. I had consulted my GP and the course of action was for me to take a mild anti-depressant. On our first consultation, I felt Kristin immediately understood me so that was a great relief to start with. I was made to feel like it was not an uncommon concern of many new mums. She was very thorough; explaining reasons why I was feeling the way I was, and backed her thoughts up with blood tests and temperature charting. As Kristin is very thorough and knowledgeable, I felt in safe hands.

The treatment plan was well explained and straightforward. I was very pleased that I could get the results that I have from natural therapy. The results speak for themselves. I have more energy, sleep better and have my premenstrual mood swings well under control. It was a relief to finally find someone who genuinely cared. I was thankful for her follow-ups and regular emails, and have recommended Kristin to friends. Many, many thanks.”

Marnie Williams


“Kristin helped me immensely with all my menopause complaints. My cycle had become erratic and I had lots of unpleasant PMT, and very heavy periods. I found the saliva testing very interesting as it was saying alot more than the ‘normal’ blood tests I had had done with my doctor. The herbs made a world of difference and the supplements made me feel human again! The best results was seeing the changes in the saliva test as I was feeling the changes after a couple of months. Thanks Kristin, you have made myself (and my husband) very happy again!”

Debbie Cameron


“Not sure what I would’ve done without your help Kristin. You are an asset to this town!”



“A friend suggested I go see Kristin as we had been trying to conceive for just under 8 months and during that time I had had 2 early miscarriages. Kristin taught me the natural fertility techniques of charting my temperatures and we discovered I had problems with my ovulation. Kristin put my partner and I on a thorough preconception care program, which we followed very well for the minimum of 4 months. We stopped trying for a baby (used protection), as I didn’t want to go through the experience of miscarrying again. We conceived on our first attempt during the 5th month of the program, and I am now 6 months pregnant and have had a great pregnancy so far. It just proved to us that my body needed support to have a baby and I’m so happy we treated the issues the ‘natural’ way. Thanks Kristin.”



“I saw Kristin when my baby was 10 weeks old for some natural remedies to help increase my breast milk supply. I had been quite stressed and run-down and my milk supply had dropped. Kristin gave me some postnatal supplements and also made up a herbal tonic for breastfeeding. After a couple of weeks I noticed I had more energy and the herbs had really helped my milk quantity. Both my baby and I are a lot happier now. I didn’t need to take the all of the herbal mixture so it’s nice to know its there if I ever need it again as a backup remedy”.


“We had been through 3 IVF attempts about 12 months before we first saw Kristin. As we were close to our 40’s we were anxious to fall pregnant especially after the unsuccessful IVF experiences. We liked Kristin’s common-sense approach to our issues and the information we gained from the appointments. We learnt that it wasn’t just about making a baby but preparing our bodies to do so, and Kristin’s “seed & soil” analogy made a lot of sense to us.

I found her very understanding of our situation and creating the short and long-term goals made a lot of sense. We were tested for zinc levels, heavy metals, hormone health, and I charted my monthly cycles. The results showed we both needed support to make a healthy baby and why the IVF wasn’t successful.

Kristin helped me with my stress levels, my hormones and my digestion. My husband also took supplements for detoxing his body and improving his sperm quality. Although impatient at times, we committed to the program and in hindsight we both thought it made more sense than the IVF programs did. 10 months later we successfully conceived our daughter and I had a healthy and stress-free pregnancy. Our baby is now 13 months old and we are keen to begin trying for a second. Thank you for all your support (and patience) Kristin.”

Angela & Peter

“A friend recommended Kristin to me, as I wanted to find out as much as I could about a preconception plan. During my initial consultation I was impressed with Kristin’s commitment and professionalism and found her extremely helpful. She is an effective communicator, very personable, and provided me with a great deal of information and put the wheels in motion to get my health back on track.

The consultations were/are very thorough and she also showed that she actually cared about the situation I was in. She was/is very approachable and interested, and listens to my issues without judgement. I appreciate how the consultations are informative, helpful and matter of fact. I would always leave feeling empowered, in control and happy that I am working towards making my body the healthiest it can be. I feel so much healthier now and really feel as though I have the right information to help myself in the future.

The treatment plan has been extremely successful. Ailments that I have been suffering from for years are a thing of the past. The 4-month preconception plan and monitoring of ovulation was very insightful and my husband and I conceived in our first month of trying, which I partly attribute to Kristin!

She has made herself available outside working hours should there be a problem and we are in fairly regular contact regarding my progress. Kristin is very knowledgeable, confident and patient and has offered me some great advice, feedback and support. I look forward to her continued support throughout my pregnancy and attending her Active Birth Workshop.

I recommended my husband see Kristin and now he can’t rave enough about her. I have also recommended her to work colleagues and women thinking about beginning a conception/pregnancy plan. Thanks for everything!”


“Kristin was a great help with my painful Braxton Hicks contractions that started about 30 weeks. This made the rest of pregnancy so much more comfortable. She was always happy to see me for re-fills of my herbal medicines outside of a consultation and I’ve appreciated all her help.”


“I was about 20 weeks pregnant when we relocated to Karratha from Perth and I was very happy to find a naturopath specialising in pregnancy. I visited Kristin throughout my pregnancy and she seems to know just what I needed and when. It was a bonus she was a childbirth educator also. She was a great source for the latest information about pregnancy and birth and I used to come out of the appointments feeling really positive, excited and reassured about everything I was doing.

I felt great through my pregnancy and to this day still attribute my wonderful birth experience to the herbal mixtures and nutritional supplements I took through my pregnancy. My healthy baby boy was born after a straightforward and natural 7 hour labour! I am still taking my supplements while breastfeeding and felt my body recovered really well after the birth, with no stretch marks! Thanks Kristin!


“My husband and I went to see Kristin 6 months ago for a check-up before we started to try for a baby as I wanted to make sure we were as healthy as we could be. We came away with a lot of helpful, practical and insightful information about diet and the environmental affects on female and male fertility.

Due to my husband’s job, Kristin suggested a hair analysis to look for heavy metals that may be harming his sperm. I’m glad we did as he had high levels of lead, copper and cadmium in his body. I also had allergies that Kristin suggested I try to improve as these can be passed onto our baby. We took various supplements to detox our bodies and 4 months later the hair analysis report had improved greatly. We felt happy to make all the changes to our diet and enjoyed the results we got for our efforts. We both thought Kristin’s knowledge and guidance was fantastic and appreciated the educational aspects to the visits. We are confident now we will conceive a healthy child very soon. Thank you Kristin.”

Bec & Paul

“I went to see Kristin for preconception care for partner and myself. As Kristin specialises in fertility so I knew I had found the right practitioner. I found Kristin interesting to speak to with great knowledge of natural health. She put us on the path to get our reproductive system in tiptop shape for conception and our general health followed suit. I enjoyed taking the various prescribed supplements knowing they were nourishing my body therefore my future baby. My partner needed lots of reminding though, as most men do with those sorts of things! We were so happy with the result. I fell pregnant straight away within our desired time frame. Now we have a healthy 4-month-old baby boy.

I felt very confident with Kristin’s advice and knowledge as she not only extensively studied fertility and active birthing, but is also a passionate mother and doula. We also attended Kristin’s great active birth workshop, which was fun and informative, and what every woman should know about giving birth naturally. A great empowering tool! I have also recommended Kristin to a few of my work colleagues.”