Placenta Encapsulation Feedback

A huge thank you to these women for sharing their personal experiences with placenta encapsulation, and allowing their words and photos to be published here

Niamh & Bear“I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with Kristin. This was my first pregnancy, during the early months I began researching how I could honour my placenta that was nourishing my baby so well. I came across Kristin’s website and immediately felt that this was the right way to go. I’m absolutely delighted with how everything went.

Kristin is professional, kind and supportive. While taking my placenta capsules I felt replenished and loved the boost of energy they gave me. The only tears I had through those first few weeks were of joy and gratitude. I put that down to the wonderful homebirth experience as well as the placenta capsules supporting my hormonal shifts during that time.

When Kristin called to our home to collect the placenta she was very respectful of our space, she brought such a lovely energy into our home that morning and it was a joy to share our baby bubble with her. I received some great breastfeeding tips and encouragement from Kristin which I am still grateful for today.”

Niamh & baby Bear

thumbnail_Karleigh Barras & Zoe 2“Thank you so much Kristin for everything. If I was having anymore children, I would be getting placenta encapsulation again. I am saving some for a possible tincture.

I continue to tell people about my experience with having my placenta encapsulated. The benefits have definitely been worthwhile. I just take one little capsule and within one day I am full of energy and life – even with a small amount of sleep. Zoé is thriving and I can’t thank you enough for that.

My husband and I have been talking about the benefits. We this found that I have more energy and feeling good overall, my postpartum bleeding went away within 4 weeks. Compared to my son – which was 12 weeks. My milk supply has gone well and Zoé is 6kgs!

Your products are amazing and hope to get some for friends who having any more children in the future. Thanks once again.”

KB, baby Zoé

Renee-Addison.jpg“I literally cannot recommend the capsules or Kristin enough!! After a friend was raving about her experience I figured I had nothing to lose by trying placenta encapsulation and messaged Kristin straight away. From the first message with all the information through to the delivery of the capsules she was so wonderful. She even went above and beyond for me when I needed some products from her online store. Hands down best decision I made. I’ve had no post baby blues at all and plenty of energy.

I also really appreciated how accessible she was when I went into labour unexpectedly and sent her a last minute text. The products on her online store are amazing. I’m so grateful I purchased that little wash bottle it made such a difference with my lady garden once I started using it! Thank you Kristin, you are an angel x

Renee & baby Addison

Renee Durack & Rex“In the 6 weeks since my little man arrived, I have felt literally no exhaustion, no low mood and have had no tears.  I waited and waited for a some type of slump – but nothing. 

My milk supply has been abundant and I have had energy most days to run after my toddler and be up all night with my newborn. I can really only put it down to my placenta capsules. I really don’t want them to run out!!!”

Renee, baby Rex

Dallas & Bronte (PE)

“I would just would like to say what a fantastic experience my first placenta encapsulation process has been. Kristin’s service from beginning to end was faultless – even the packaging was superb! After suffering from postnatal depression after the birth of my first child I was determined to make my second time a much more pleasant experience for myself.

I believe taking my placenta capsules has made me adjust to the hectic life of two children much easier, I feel less anxiety in those stressful moments of motherhood & my milk supply has never been better. I have also purchased other products from Kristin’s range and could not fault the service – goods arrived the very next day!”


“I have found taking my placenta capsules to be a lifesaver. This was my second baby, and I have taken them both times. This time, I was not very organised in ordering them so I didn’t get them till the 4th day after birth. The difference in my mood and mental health before and after taking them was strong and very much demonstrated the benefits. Having experienced mental health issues for years, I can definitely say that taking the placenta capsules is amazing.”


Nikki Ellis & Chloe

“I knew before I fell pregnant, that I always wanted to get my placenta encapsulated. Choosing Kristin to do this for me was one of the best decisions I made.  Her professionalism, fast responses, wealth of knowledge and amazing product is invaluable. I felt alert and full of energy when taking the capsules. I cannot thank or recommend Kristin enough for her service.”

Nikki, baby Chloe

Megan & Fox

“This was my third time having my placenta encapsulated through Kristin and I cannot speak more highly of her services. It is always such a smooth and enjoyable process and I have learnt new things from her each time.

Once again, I enjoyed the amazing benefits of the placenta capsules while taking them. Amongst a long list, my energy levels were surprisingly good and things that would normally seem overwhelming were much easier to process and deal with. I would recommend Kristin to any expecting mother.”

Megan, with baby Fox

Nikki & Abby

It’s almost 8 weeks since Abby was born and I feel energetic during the day, I feel emotionally sound and confident as I go about my day with very little anxiousness and mood swings. As this is only my first baby, I have nothing to compare the experience to, however a lot of mum friends have commented on how great my energy is despite such little sleep. Despite the normal hormonal tears not long after delivery, I have felt very ‘together’ since returning home from hospital and have remained so.

The Booklet provided is SO helpful and reassuring, explaining what is happening to our bodies. It was really useful for my husband to read, also! I will definitely do placenta encapsulation with my next baby and will use BodyWise BirthWise. So professional, informative and a really quick turnaround so you can get the benefit of the capsules so soon after delivery. Really happy. 

Thanks so much for looking after my placenta. I’ll be in touch when baby #2 comes along!!”

Nikki, with baby Abby

“Third time around I was very concerned that a new baby would be overwhelming and take its toll on me emotionally and physically. With two not so tiny humans to look after and a partner that had to go back to work fairly quickly, that wasn’t really an option. My placenta capsules gave me more energy and allowed me to actively rest my body and my mind, which in turn fought off that pesky postnatal anxiety.

Kristin’s communication was second to none. From the website, to emails, to the details on the placenta transportation package. The thing I found the most useful though, was the Postpartum Booklet. I wish that I had that kind of literature after I had my first baby.

I can’t recommend placenta encapsulation enough, it made my third birth (third caesarean) the best by far. My recovery was seamless, my energy to handle all three kids was amazing and it allowed me to bond with my baby whilst doing all the things. It was exactly what I needed.”

Cassie McNeill

Sophie & Dexter

“I was a little apprehensive to begin with when organising my placenta encapsulation. But once I started taking my capsules I was surprised at how good I felt. I was energised, happy, and I found myself enjoying my time rather than struggling. I did forget to take my capsules for a couple of days and noted a vast difference in how I felt, I was very emotional. This made me realise how much my body was benefiting placenta encapsulation.”

Sophie, with baby Dexter

“Having my placenta encapsulated was on my to-do this from early pregnancy. Friends had used Kristin’s services so she came highly recommended and trusted.  Her credentials and experience was important to me and she was happy to answer all of my questions. My placenta transport kit came to my door as promised at 36 weeks which was perfect because my baby boy arrived a week later! After the birth my midwife packed my placenta in the bag and also knew of Kristin which gave me even more confidence. Kristin collected my placenta within a few hours of the birth and I had my capsules back the very next day delivered to me in person at the hospital!

My baby is now 7 weeks and although motherhood has been challenging at times I feel my capsules have helped immensely. I seem to have the energy to function on broken sleep, breastfeeding is going really well, I have had no low moods and people are constantly commenting on how well I look!

The entire process was seamless and stress-free. This was a great help for my husband too. I will definitely do this again with my next baby. Thanks again Kristin for your wonderful services, your obvious passion for your work and your overall professionalism and attention to detail.”


“I am so glad I had Kristin encapsulate my Processed with VSCO with t1 presetplacenta for the second time now, after the birth of my daughter. There is a gap of only 15 months from my firstborn so I was quite worried I would feel really overwhelmed and exhausted when Matilda was born.

However, I have had such an amazing experience and credit a lot of it to my placenta capsules. My mind had remained clear, I feel my energy is high and I’ve had no feelings of anxiety. I am so grateful for Kristin’s amazing services!”

Megan, with baby Matilda

“We’d like to thank you for the speediness of the placenta pick up and capsules delivery, and for liaising with my partner during my labour. I wasn’t sure if the capsules were making me feel any different given it was my first baby and I didn’t really know what to expect. Until I was sitting at my mothers group the other mums talked about how they cried for 2 weeks straight after coming home from the hospital! I definitely didn’t experience this at all. I also think at times I had more energy with the little sleep I was getting – it was a good overall balance.

I will highly recommend your services and placenta encapsulation to any new mum and I will definitely be doing it again with baby number 2! I would hate to know what the experience would be like not taking the capsules!! I’ll be in touch when number 2 comes along.”


Cat & Violet 2.jpg

“I was a little concerned how I would cope with my newborn as my previous two children were born when I was much younger, and I have always had low iron levels too. I feel the placenta capsules really helped me with the night feeds (energy wise) and just kept me feeling light during the day and able to cope with my 2 kids, and 2 step kids also. I had a lot of comments about how well I looked and I really did feel like I was buzzing! Very glad I got the tincture for the future too!

Thanks Kristin, you’re to be commended for such professionalism and supplying such a great service to Mums at the most important part of our lives. Thank you!”

Caterina with baby Violet


“I am definitely glad I decided to encapsulate my placenta. I was quite nervous before giving birth to my daughter about how much my life was going to change and how I was going to juggle everything. But I have been surprisingly calm and relaxed since she arrived.

Everything has felt very natural and I haven’t felt stressed or overwhelmed at all which I’m sure could be due to taking the capsules. I would definitely recommend Kristin, she was very informative and my capsules were ready just two days after giving birth!”

Emma, with baby Sadie

“Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for your excellent, non-complicated and professional service. You made it so easy for my bleary eyed husband to get my precious placenta to you after a night of no sleep for him, and labour with no progress which sadly ended in another caesarean (failed VBAC) for me.

Our little boy, Ben, was born in perfect health however, 4.2kgs and knew exactly how to get his nourishment very quickly. My milk came in incredibly quickly and was abundant, and continued to be that way while on the placenta capsules.

rachel-benBen suffered with colic quite badly until about 10 weeks, but I continued to feed him with no problem. Considering my lack of sleep (day and night) my energy levels were steady and I was complemented regularly on how well I looked. Even if I didn’t always feel it! My iron levels post pregnancy were also amazing, the best they had been in years!”

Rachel, with baby Ben

Kristin provides such an amazing service! This is my second time coming to her for placenta encapsulation. The benefits I gained from the first time round were amazing, I didn’t seem to be as tired as people expected me to be, I had no worries with my milk supply and felt that although I was waking frequently in the night for feedings, I was falling back to sleep quite easily.

Second time round I have had the same benefits and definitely needed the extra energy having a 17 month old and a newborn. Both times I have requested placenta prints from Kristin and they have turned out beautifully and such a nice keepsake for me and my children when they grow older. I’m also very excited to try out my placenta tincture which wasn’t available the first time I got my placenta encapsulated.

Not only have I loved Kristin’s placenta encapsulation service, I also love many of her herbal products and use them on a daily basis. I will definitely return to Kristin again and again for her services as I know she is passionate about what she does and looks after all her clients!”

p.s – “All aspects of your service are amazing, you provide a lot of information on your products and you seem very organised! I ordered some late pregnancy products from you when I was about 16 weeks pregnant, when I was bang on 34 weeks pregnant I had a parcel at the door with my products which you had remembered to send before I contacted you and before I even remembered myself! 🙂 “


“This was the first time I tired placenta encapsulation (third baby) and I’m so thankful I did and that I chose Kristin!

We had quite a rocky journey this time around. Bub had undiagnosed upper lip and posterior tongue ties which caused him to lose too much birth weight, excruciating pain whilst breastfeeding as baby couldn’t latch properly which then effected my supply. This all meant that I had to breastfeed and express between every feed 24/7 for two weeks.

I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the whole ordeal without the support of taking the placenta pills. I felt the pills also kept my supply strong despite all the challenges I faced. My body also healed very quickly post birth and more importantly, I felt strong mentally and supported during these really tough times.

Kristin was a pleasure to deal with and the information she provided was amazing. I have been telling everyone about my wonderful experience and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again if I have another bubba!!”

Talyea, with baby Leo

“I know it was the placenta encapsulation that made the absolute world of difference to me this time around.

Getting home from hospital I was yet to get the capsules from my mum. My milk was coming in and I was feeling miserable, super teary and overwhelmed, and I could feel myself going down the same awful path I did when my first was born. So I called mum in desperation begging her to bring the capsules over, which she did very quickly! I tell you, by that evening, I could feel the difference. Still not loving being engorged with milk and all the other physical stuff that comes immediately post birth, but I wasn’t tearing up, I was calmer and steadier emotionally and no felt longer overwhelmed. I felt like myself and I was okay.

Very quickly, I began to feel good, and happy, and well able to cope ☺. A new experience for me whilst having a newborn. And I have stayed feeling that way ever since. I’m calm, I feel healthy and most importantly I’m able to enjoy my beautiful newborn daughter and really be present with her during these fleeting first weeks. I can also think more clearly this time around, despite less sleep I’d say, so I can read her cues more successfully and care for her more easily. Truly, it’s like night and day this time around.

Thank you so, so much. I really can’t express how grateful I am to you because you have helped me immeasurably. Being able to enjoy this time is a priceless gift. Invaluable to me having previously battled PND. I will definitely recommend you to any and every pregnant woman I can!”


Sam & Roman“I have three children and Kristin has encapsulated the placentas of my last two children. I decided to have my placenta encapsulated for the nutritional and hormonal benefits but I also found I benefited by feeling more connected to the birth process, which I felt I missed, following having C-sections. Kristin’s service is very professional, and I highly recommend her.”

Sam, with baby Roman

“I had milk supply issues with my first two babies and was determined to do whatever I could to try and increase my supply with my third baby. Hence the reason I decided to encapsulate my placenta.

My baby is now 7 weeks old and appears to be getting all the milk that he needs (he was a big baby at birth too) and the only thing I have done differently this time is the placenta capsules. So the capsules appear to have been successful in increasing my milk supply and therefore I would recommend them to anyone wishing to ensure their milk supply is plentiful!

I was also very pleased with Kristin’s service and knowledge and she was a pleasure to deal with.”


kate-ruddle-archie.jpg“I’m so glad I decided to encapsulate my placenta and that I used Kristin. Kristin was very informative and helpful throughout the whole process.

I benefited in so many ways and it was a very different postnatal experience 2nd time around. I dealt with sleep deprivation much better due to increased energy levels, less anxiety, definite better sleep quality… just to name a few. The booklet that accompanies the capsules is SO helpful and very informative, even being a 2nd time Mummy I still found this information very helpful and reassuring.

If you have been thinking about encapsulating your placenta don’t hesitate at all to use Kristin!”


“With my first baby I had postnatal anxiety which had to be treated with medication when my daughter was 4 weeks old. So breastfeeding was stopped in order to do this.

This time I definitely felt less stress and anxiety and any general worry was massively diminished. When I slept, I had a very sound sleep and felt more rested. I also had more energy. I took my capsules always on the lowest recommended dose for the time period so it would last me longer!

I am very happy with my decision to encapsulate my placenta and would definitely do it again if I had another baby.”


“I am so glad I decided to get my placenta erin-leilaencapsulated! My birth experience was a really tough one but I honestly believe that my healing both physically and emotionally was quicker because I chose to take my placenta capsules. My iron levels also returned to normal very quickly even after a fairly large postpartum haemorrhage. 

Due to the weekend I didn’t receive my capsules until a few days after the birth, but once received they were all packaged up very professionally and came with great info. I would definitely choose to encapsulate my placenta again in future with Kristin!”

Erin, baby Leila

“Kristin’s level of service was outstanding. She has a very caring and professional approach. Her website is informative, comprehensive and interesting.

Kristin came recommended to me and I would now highly recommend her. The little bit of advice she gave me to help bring my milk in was so helpful and worked! I would also recommend her lovely herbal tea blends. Thank you Kristin.”



“Kristin encapsulated my first placenta after my son was born and I had no ill side effects, good milk supply, no baby blues and a general ‘wellness.’ I didn’t hesitate to get it done again after the birth of my daughter as for me there was no other option!

If baby number 3 came along, again, we would be knocking on Kristin’s door to have that placenta encapsulated too!. Wonderful service, Kristin. Thank you xx”

Odette, with baby Grace

“I entrusted my placenta to Kristin from BodyWise BirthWise because she had very clear and extensive information on her website, she communicated with me without delay and answered all my questions, and I could also choose the method of placenta preparation.

The service was a bit more expensive than other providers however I knew Kristin had greater experience, having prepared over 400 placentas which was very important for me.

The capsules came in a lovely beautiful package with a big booklet full of useful information. Even though I didn’t get to met Kristin in person (which was a pity), her service was great and I will definitely book her again if I have another child. Thanks Kristin!”


Tiffiny & Bridie.jpg“I don’t consider myself to be all that holistic however, I would have done almost anything to avoid the baby blues. I thought that I can’t go wrong with taking a pill made of my own hormones that have been made by me, for me. I wanted the best for my overall healing and as I commenced my research I found that so many mums experienced great benefits from encapsulating their placenta.

Kristin was incredibly fabulous throughout my experience, both during and post pregnancy. I have felt energised, focused and haven’t had any signs of depression or anxiety since taking my placenta capsules.

I will definitely be doing this again with my second child and can highly recommend it for anyone considering it. Thank you Kristin for being so fabulous and an absolute pleasure to deal with. You have helped me achieved the most positive transition into becoming a mother.”

Tiffiny, with baby Bridie

“Brilliant service. Little hard to pinpoint the exact benefits as this is my first baby, but with a history of hormone imbalance (naturally very low in progesterone) I’m extremely happy with my post baby experience. I was told by my doctor that because of my issue with progesterone, I had a higher chance of PND.

A friend put me onto encapsulation. Aside from the obvious sleep deprivation which naturally causes stress and a bit of emotion, I feel like things could have been a whole lot worse. I have no doubt, the placenta has played a role. Thanks Kristin.”



“Fabulous! I recently had my 3rd c-section bub and decided to try placenta encapsulation to try and avoid baby blues, postnatal anxiety, milk supply issues, hair loss after birth and general hormone craziness. It did not disappoint.

I had so much energy taking my capsules and I was getting restful sleep. No sight of baby blues or post natal anxiety, which I had previously suffered with. An added bonus was having a great breastmilk supply!

Kristin was so, so helpful! I had an unexpected hospital admission leading up the babies birth but Kristin was at the ready constantly. I would highly recommend BodyWise BirthWise.”

Kacie with baby Arlo

hannah-maisy“I am so thrilled with the service I received from Kristin.

After the birth of my first daughter, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety and was just a bundle of nerves. I found it incredibly hard to relax and was extremely emotional.

I knew that I wanted something different this time around and along with my determination to have a VBAC, I chose to try placenta encapsulation as I had read about the many benefits and really wanted to naturalise my birth and postpartum period.

Since taking the capsules, I have experienced zero baby blues and have experienced a truly blissful time with my newborn. They have also helped my ability to relax, sleep and ‘go with the flow’. In regards to my milk supply, I couldn’t believe how fast it came in this time! I truly feel that this had a lot to do with taking the capsules. Thank you Kristin for your amazing service!”

Hannah, with baby Maisie

“After hearing about your service from a family member, I decided to give it a go for my second baby, as the first time around I was constantly exhausted and fatigued for the first 6 months of his life. I really didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy my baby as I was just trying to “survive” that period.

It has been a completely different experience this time. I have had better general well being and emotional balance in a time where sleep deprivation and general exhaustion of having a new baby is at it’s highest. 
Sonia Blake - Braiden.jpg
I highly recommend to anyone who is having a baby to use this service as I truly believe any help at this time to keep balanced is crucial for both mother and baby’s happiness and well being. Thank you for your excellent and prompt service, Sonia.”

Sonia, baby Braiden

“Kristin provided us with exceptional professional service. The whole process of collecting and delivering the capsules was seamless. The booklet included was totally unexpected and incredibly informative.

I have no doubt benefited from taking the capsules, with great recovery from the birth of our daughter as well as nourish her with problem-free breastfeeding.”



“I felt amazing while taking the capsules. I felt less anxiety, I slept really well and given what a huge adjustment it is, I felt teary once, and I mostly felt just happy and capable. I stopped taking the capsules when I got a cold around 4 weeks and really noticed the difference – I was happy to start taking them again!”

Erika, with baby Zara

“After a traumatic experience with my first son and a long bout of postnatal depression, I wanted to ensure a positive experience with my second pregnancy. I researched placenta encapsulation and found Kristin online. My questions were answered quickly and my booking taken easily and without fuss.

My husband delivered the placenta on the day our second son was born and I received my capsules a day or so later with a lovely note and further information for me to read over.

I cannot express how thankful I am to Kristin for the service she offers. My son is healthy and happy 6 week old, and I am content and happy still taking my placenta capsules. Thank you!”


shannon“Thank you for providing this wonderful service for new mamas, especially first time ones like me. 

I was worried about how I would transition into my new role but I’ve felt great. No lows, just balanced – with lots of energy. I’m especially happy with my milk supply, I’ve taken to breastfeeding so well and I am loving the journey I’m on with my baby. I take two capsules a day now (when I remember!) and have enough left to get me through the rest of the fourth trimester. I will be calling you when my next baby is on the way!! Thankyou!!

Shannon, with baby Lennon

“Your service and information throughout the process was first class and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much for your professionalism. The placenta encapsulation service was such a positive experience and a lot of business owners could take a leaf out of your book in conducting themselves.”


Amanda & Macy

“This is the second time Kristin has encapsulated my placenta, but my third baby. It’s been just as good as the last time! I would highly recommend this to anyone I know, I have felt fantastic since taking the capsules and definitely needed the energy being my third. Thank you Kristin x”

Amanda, with baby Macy

“The experience with Kristin was excellent from start to finish. The range of products were brilliant and I found them really helpful. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable and very approachable with any questions. Her response time is fantastic. I highly recommend all her products and services.”

Karen Kelly

“I have been so impressed with the placenta capsules! I did not have the opportunity with my first baby and with two babies under 16 months I was expecting to be very tired. Even though I have very low iron and after a long, tough labour and a big bleed, I’ve never felt better! I’ve got through the first 8 weeks great and am still taking my capsules! So very happy! I also have plenty of milk and after a low supply last baby this is just great! The Mama’s Milk Herbal Tea is not only yummy but very effective!

Kristin has been so great over the whole process, lovely and professional! Highly recommended!”


“As this was my first baby I wasn’t sure what to expect and how I would be after the birth of my baby. After hearing about placenta encapsulation I decided to give it a try to give myself and baby the best start together.

Whilst taking my placenta capsules my milk came in quickly and I had plenty of milk from the start, I also had a fantastic and very quick recovery which I feel contributed greatly to me enjoying motherhood so much. I also found that I coped extremely well emotionally with the up and and downs of new motherhood. I will definitely use placenta encapsulation again!”


“Thank you very much for encapsulating my placenta. I can’t describe how much more in love I am with my newborn. We took less time to bond and I have also recovered much quicker compared to my first. The booklet you’ve provided has also been very useful. I wish I had this done for my first!”


“On day 3 after the image1birth I started feeling that awful depression everyone talks about. Mine felt intensified as my baby was in the neonatal nursery on a drip for respiratory issues, and it felt so awful not being able to feed him or have him in my room at the hospital. I felt true hopeless despair, until my partner brought me the placenta pills. I had my first dose and started feeling better almost immediately. I started feeling hopeful and grateful, and my dark feelings were completely gone by the next day.

After that if I started feeling down I knew it was because I had forgotten to take my placenta pills. I also noticed that they helped to boost my milk supply, especially when my baby was cluster feeding all night. I will be getting all future placentas encapsulated without a doubt! Thanks again! Getting my placenta encapsulated was one of the best decisions I have made!” 

Sarah with baby Harvey

Lucinda Ransom - Felix“Kristin was lovely to deal with and made the whole process easy and smooth. This was critical for us at such an important time for us in our lives. The Booklet that came along with our capsules was a joy to read. It highlighted the importance and specialness of our early weeks together as a family and also answered many questions that we experienced in the initial weeks. So beautifully written and easy to read for both myself and my husband. 

The prompt and friendly service, care in packaging and presentation (herbal teas, herbal bath products) and quality of product was all spot on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.”

Lucinda, baby Felix

Farah & Noah

“I had read so many benefits of placenta encapsulation. When I first found out I was pregnant with my 5th baby I definitely knew I wanted to do it.

Kristin’s service was great and professional. I have felt great since after the birth even though I was getting minimal sleep and looking after 5 children under 6! I didn’t get the baby blues. My postpartum bleeding stopped after 2 weeks compared to my other babies. I have noticed somedays where I felt run down and realised I had forgotten to take my capsules.

I’m still taking my placenta capsules on and off after 6 weeks – I don’t want them to run out!! I had low iron during pregnancy (it was borderline). I got my levels rechecked after the birth and they had gone up! My doctor was amazed that was from just taking the placenta capsules! I would definitely recommend Kristin and placenta encapsulation to all women.”

Farah with baby Noah

Lauren & Ivy“I was so fearful second time around that I would get postnatal depression again, that my milk would not come in, that I wouldn’t enjoy our new addition and that my relationship with my husband would be tested, yet again! What you fear you attract, so I was so thankful that I found you! I have never felt so well and wished I could continue on my little happy pills forever!

Placenta encapsulation has changed both my own, and my family’s life. None of the above occurred. I am breastfeeding, managing on minimal sleep, laughing, enjoying our baby girl and our toddler, whilst recovering so quickly from an emergency caesarean. Kristin, you have changed our lives and I am so grateful that you can educate and assist women as they embark on their journey into motherhood! Thank you again.”

Lauren with baby Ivy

Sarah & Harper“Brilliant! Would do it all over again. This was my first baby and placenta encapsulation was recommended to me not only for the benefits but also because I have a history of anxiety/panic attacks and depression.

I still experienced bouts of intense emotion but I felt nothing but love and gratification. My post birth bleeding stopped after 2 weeks and my uterus contracted back down over two weeks. I felt happy, healthy and capable as a new mum and have had numerous comments on how great I look and how well I’m doing! I actually decreased my dosage after 4 weeks because I felt so good and have decided to keep the rest for future need.

Bubs is also doing incredibly well and I have fantastic milk supply! Kristin was also extremely pleasant to deal with, easy to contact and the service was prompt. Money well spent and I will be recommending her services!”    

Sarah Davies

“After hearing about your service from a family member, I decided to give it a go for my second baby as the first time around I was constantly exhausted and fatigued for the first 6 months of his life. I didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy my baby as I was just trying to “survive” that period.

It has been a completely different experience this time as I have had better general well-being and emotional balance in a time where sleep deprivation and general exhaustion of having a new baby is at it’s highest.

I highly recommend to anyone who is having a baby to use this service as I truly believe any help at this time to keep balanced is crucial for both mother and baby’s happiness and well-being. Thank you for your excellent and prompt service Kristin.”


Silvana & CharlieOverall I felt great! Not having done this with my first baby, my experience this time around was so much more enjoyable and relaxed and I put that down to placenta encapsulation.

People kept commenting how well I looked so soon after the birth of Charlie. My milk supply was really good too and feeding went smoothly from the beginning. Even the lack of sleep from Charlie feeding every 1½ – 2½ hours for the first few weeks didn’t faze me. All in all it was a wonderful experience the weeks following Charlie’s birth and I believe it was because of placenta encapsulation. If I was to have more children, contacting Kristin for my placenta encapsulation will be the first thing on my list of things to do!”

Silvana, with baby Charlie

“Having had two previous pregnancies prior to the birth of my baby boy, I understood the emotional roller coaster ride that can be experienced straight after birth and for the months following. This time round I felt that my emotions were balanced and I felt at ease. Why oh why did I not do placenta encapsulation with my other two babies?! Thank you Kristin!”


megan mastaglia“Considering I was adjusting to a completely new sleep routine and having such broken sleep, I had incredible energy during the days and nights of my first few weeks as a new mum. I suffer from low iron and it shows in my eyes. While taking my capsules, my eyes have never looked so clear which proved to me that my iron levels are much better than they have ever been. I skipped the capsules on the odd day to try to prolong the time I would take them and on those days, I could really feel the difference in energy. I will be very sad to reach the end of my supply!

Megan Mastaglia with baby Beau

“Kristin provides a seamless placenta encapsulation experience. I LOVE the amount of information you provide prior to booking, and then again upon receiving the capsules in your Booklet. A wonderful, supportive and professional service. Thank you!”

Alicia Chambers

“It’s been 5 months since Sam was born. The challenge of two children has taken me by surprise, left me completely exhausted and at times emotionally overwhelmed. I have stored my left over capsules in the freezer and have taken them occasionally, particularly on those days when it’s been too much. Each of those times I take them I am amazed at how much they help me. It’s usually the following day I really feel the benefits. I have more energy after another night of little sleep and feel much less emotionally overwhelmed, feeling ready to face another exhausting day 🙂 I would highly recommend to anyone considering it to have their placenta encapsulated.”


Melissa & Emily“Although I may have initially viewed having my placenta encapsulated as a bit of an experiment, following the birth of my second baby, I’m now convinced of its benefits. I’d most definitely recommend it to any new mums. I didn’t experience the baby blues as I had with my first and no anxiety which I attribute to the hormonal benefits of taking my placenta. I feel like it helped with my energy and mood in those intense first weeks. After reading the information Kristin provides on her website and Booklet, it makes perfect sense that we’re able to benefit from our placenta. Kristin made the process easy and accessible and I would not hesitate in doing it again.”

Melissa with baby Emily

Kristy & Elke_2“I believe the placenta is sacred and should be honoured. Unfortunately we live in a society where the placenta is discarded following the birth. When my midwife recommended Kristin to me, I went straight to her website to find out more. The website was fantastic and included all the information I needed to make my decision. Encapsulation resonated with me – not only satisfying my need to honour the placenta but also in the benefits it would provide to me as a mother in those early days.”  It made sense to me –  I have my very own personally designed multivitamin, made by my body, so it is giving my body exactly what it needs during a time when you can often feel so depleted.

Kristin was also amazing and very warm in all her dealings. She was able to slip into our home following the birth of my daughter as if I had always known her. In a time when that space is held so special, she knew exactly how to be and what to do. I feel taking my capsules has kept me healthy and balanced both emotionally and physically. My baby is also thriving and I have no doubt she is also receiving the wonderful benefits from this. Thank you Kristin for this wonderful service and all your guidance.”  

Kristy with baby Elke

“I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone having a baby. I so wish I had of known about it with my first born. With my first born, I would say I suffered with some anxiety and the dreaded baby blues. I really felt I lacked energy and was constantly concerned about my milk supply.

With this baby however, although surviving on little sleep, I feel energetic and have a genuine sense of wellbeing with no anxiety or baby blues whatsoever. My milk supply has been really good this time around and I think the placenta capsules have been a huge contributing factor to this. I am nearing the end of my ‘magic pills’ – I don’t want them to run out!

In regards to service, Kristin was great. Her website is very informative and she was happy to answer any additional queries I had. The turn around time on getting my capsules was really quick (24hrs) and also came with an information Booklet which offers lots of wonderful advice in regards to you and your new baby’s well being. Thank you Kristin for offering such a fantastic service.”


Belinda & Aubree“I had nothing to lose and everything to gain from taking my placenta pills. Some of my family/friends even my husband were skeptical but they are all now convinced the capsules worked wonders. I didn’t experience the day three baby blues and majority of the time I’ve felt really happy, balanced and little to no anxiety. I even asked my mum if it was normal for me to feel normal and relaxed as so many people I’ve seen with newborns experienced PND and anxiety.

My OB was extremely happy with how quickly my c-section wound healed and I noticed my eyes were clearer and my pregnancy acne cleared quickly with no scarring! I put all this down to the magic of my capsules. The whole process of encapsulating was great and professional. I’ll definitely be encapsulating my placenta after future pregnancies and continue to recommend it to my friends.”

Belinda Harbron with baby Aubree

Zoe Buswell, Fletcher“Kristin provided a fantastic service from start to finish – and my partner (who was very cynical about the whole process) came back from delivering the placenta to her, fully on board with the idea after meeting her!

I had minimal “baby blues” and once the adrenalin of having a new baby wore off I continued to feel good, which I attribute at least in part to taking the capsules. Thank you.”

Zoe Buswell, baby Fletcher

After a traumatic experience with my first son and a long bout of postnatal depression, I wanted to ensure a positive experience with my second pregnancy. I researched placenta encapsulation and found Kristin online. My questions were answered quickly and my booking taken easily and without fuss.

My husband delivered the placenta on the day our second son was born and I received my capsules a day or so later, with a lovely note and further information for me to read over. I cannot express how thankful I am to Kristin for the service she offers. My son is healthy and happy 6 week old, and I am content and happy still taking my capsules.” Thank you! 


Belinda“I had never heard of placenta encapsulation before I was going through my third pregnancy. I was attempting a VBA2C and wanted the experience to be as natural as possible, and in my research I came across Kristin’s website. From the initial contact, I had a reply within minutes and from there on the contact and information I received was excellent. 
After the birth of my daughter, my placenta was taken the next day and I had the capsules delivered to me within 48 hours! I did not get the baby blues this time around, I have experienced minimal hair loss and so far not experienced any PND, which was one of the main reasons for doing this. I had a little baby, therefore I had a smallish placenta but I still have plenty of pills which I now take when I am sometimes having a day where I feel a bit overwhelmed – which is natural with 2 toddlers, a newborn and a husband that works away! 
My experience with Kristin has been of the utmost professional standard, and I couldn’t speak more highly of her, or her services. I cannot recommend Kristin enough to all of my friends and anyone else I come across who is pregnant or planning to get pregnant! Thank you Kristin, my only regret is that I didn’t know about this service with my previous pregnancies!”
Belinda with her 3rd baby

odette-tom“We had a wonderful experience getting our placenta encapsulated. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time with a little apprehension because it is out of the norm.

The service we received was excellent, and the communication between both parties was easy. We arranged a pick up point and a quick text message when I was in labour and another once our son was born. My husband picked them up day 2 postpartum and I started straight away. I have a history of depression and anxiety many years ago and suffered nothing postpartum, nor did I suffer the “baby blues” around day 3-4 when my milk came in. I had fantastic energy and coped a lot better than I thought with sleep deprivation and running a household. Thank you x ” 
Odette, with baby Tom

Amanda & Solomon.jpg
“Getting my placenta encapsulated was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The postnatal period was quite hard for me, with my son being born with a birth defect and requiring surgery. I really feel the capsules helped give me the boost I needed to get by the days sitting by his bed while he was ill, as well as the travelling to and from the hospital daily to visit until he came home (at 7 weeks, 4 days old).
They helped with my milk production and I feel my recovery from birth was quite quick after having started taking the capsules. I was lucky enough to have a massive placenta which yielded many, many capsules that are still helping me almost 10 weeks on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kristin and her services to anyone seeking placenta encapsulation. Thankyou so much.”
Amanda, with baby Solomon

“Priceless. The best decision I made and I wouldn’t hesitate doing it again. I was nervous about possibly getting PND as I had some anxiety/depression in my past so was happy to try anything to avoid this. I feel I have bonded so well with my baby even though we had a bumpy start with breastfeeding. I’m coping on broken sleep, I have energy to get through the days and my moods are feel pretty good! Thanks again Kristin!”      


“Unfortunately I did not use placenta capsules with my first child. After using them with my second child I realise the positive impact they have had.

Although I don’t believe I had postnatal depression with my first son, I found simple chores and activities very tiring and difficult to complete. At times I was very emotional and believed I wasn’t doing a good job as a mum and wife. However, these past weeks have been the exact opposite to my first son. I have enjoyed being with baby Arlo and I have felt little to no stress.

Each day I take 1 to 3 capsules and feel I have energy to deal with my 4 year old and a new baby. I look forward to each day! I also believe that the capsules have given me the ability to produce ‘super milk’ as Arlo has put on 2 kg since birth and seems to be so happy and healthy. I have been telling so many people to consider placenta encapsulation as it has helped me make each moment far more brighter and relaxed. Thankyou!”



“I had a bunch of energy even though I was running on empty. I recovered quickly from my emergency CS, breastfeeding was a breeze and I didn’t suffer any baby blues. This allowed me to focus on establishing my feeding without being stressed or tired, and create a bond with my daughter. The whole process with Kristin was easy and she was more than helpful. Overall, a wonderful service, thank you!”

Gemma with baby Zoey, 2013 



“The capsules really worked their magic when I was feeling emotional, and also during times of stress. These emotions peaked when my partner went back to work full time and I was looking after our son on my own. I would take an extra capsule (or two!) during an emotional/stressful period and really noticed the power of the placenta!  I have also had an abundance of milk which I am sure has related to consuming the placenta. My body healed really fast post delivery and I have had sufficient energy to get me through the day (and night!) I highly recommend this to everyone! Your service was impeccable! The information on your website and in the Booklet that comes with the capsules is full of so much useful information. It is so refreshing to see someone who is so passionate about their work and who really cares about their clients!”

Cat with baby Leo

“I feel they have helped me immensely; both with my moods and my milk levels. I could definitely feel when my moods were low, and the pick-me-up feeling after having capsules was so noticeable that my husband reminds me to take them now when I feel down. Now he is working night shifts, I would be lost without my magic pills, and I am quietly sad they are running out –  I wish had a bigger placenta! Having seen firsthand the difference the capsules have made to me and in effect, my mothering of my baby, I would not hesitate to do it again and to TELL ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN, how awesome it is!”

Lulu, Maylands

“Every interaction with Kristin has been positive, as much as the benefits of the capsules themselves. She is a wealth of knowledge and shares this and her services in a wonderful, caring way. I felt calm and well, energised and happy. I was less tired in the afternoons and I noticed the effects if I missed a morning dose. Could not recommend her – or the capsules – enough. Just brilliant. “

Mandi Black, 4th baby

“Kristin’s service was absolutely professional with clear communication and easy to follow instructions; right through from booking her service to how to use the capsules. I absolutely appreciated the effort Kristin made to ensure that I had my capsules in the quickest time possible. Being able to have my placenta capsules within 24 hours of the birth, I believed helped minimise some serious immediate postnatal anxiety.

As my previous child was stillborn, and I developed post traumatic stress disorder, I was high risk for postnatal anxiety. There were a number of health professionals waiting for me to fall in a heap. I have surprised everyone including myself, with my quick recovery from that anxiety and my good energy levels. I also have a truly abundant supply of breastmilk and a thriving baby! I believe placenta encapsulation has enabled me to fully embrace and enjoy this babymoon.”


claire & zoe

“What an amazing difference for me during this post birth compared to the last three times! My milk supply has been so good that I am currently only feeding my baby girl off the left side as she doesn’t need the other one.

I have had very rare days of ‘baby blues’ (no real PND symptoms). I call them ‘baby blues’ as they only last 1 or 2 days and usually coincide with a lot of night feeding and my husband going back to work. I usually take a few capsules over that time to get me through. I wish I had known about placenta encapsulation with my other three children as I believe that my post birth mental state would have been so much better. It has been an amazing experience that I love to share with other people! Thanks Kristin.” 

Claire with her 4th baby Zoe

Adeline & Arlo“Kristin was adorable, and a wonderful welcomed face after the birth of Arlo. Even without knowing her personally, I felt at ease with the process of the encapsulation and had full trust and confidence in the service she provides. I believe the capsules truly helped calm my hormones and level me at times of turmoil, mainly in the first 4 weeks after giving birth. I was still on quite a high for the first 2 weeks, then things got a little tougher the following 2 weeks, and this is when I found myself taking the capsules the most.  I naturally weaned myself off them once I was ready to. By then I just felt like I didn’t need it as much as my body had sorted itself out. I think all pregnant women should consider this an option to help with changes after having a baby.”

Adeline with baby Arlo

Jess and Archer“I’ve noticed that I have bounced back both mentally, and physically from the birth. In particular I’m feeling really positive in my overall well-being, despite feeling tired. People have commented on how good I look and that I don’t look like I have recently given birth – given that my belly is quite flat and I still have a glow! I just wish I had thought to do this with both Imogen and Nate. I also wanted to say how supportive you continue to be in the weeks after returning my capsules! I am continually surprised that I have had a baby, considering how good I feel physically and emotionally this time around. So a big appreciative Thank You again!”  

Jess with her 3rd baby Archer

“Thank you for such a wonderful and professional service. We arrived home from hospital yesterday and I was very excited to receive my package soon after. The tea is delicious and we have both found the information in the Booklet very helpful to us as new parents. I’m so happy I decided to do this and I’m now feeling more confident about these first months.”


“I just wanted to let you know how great I am feeling taking my placenta capsules. My bleeding finished the quickest of my 3 babies, and I’m surprised at how capable I feel with 3 children under 6! I never want them to run out!”                                                    


20130204_163751“Being pregnant with my first child I was always concerned about developing PND. After hearing about placenta encapsulation on an American youtube video, I started to research and thats when I came across this website and the work that Kristin does. After speaking to Kristin (and bombarding her with my 20 plus questions) I knew that this was something that I would be interested in trying.

After my baby was born, we organised for Kristin to come collect my placenta, then drop the capsules back off to the hospital the next day before I was discharged. I was so impressed with Kristin’s professional, yet very warm and friendly personality. She went through absolutely everything we needed to know about the capsules and much more.

Within a day or two I started to feel the effects of the placenta capsules. My mood, energy levels and general emotions where all uplifted. I am very happy to say that  I did not get the “baby blues” as everyone refers to. The only time I did feel a little stressed or down was when I had forgotten to take my capsules (and honestly it was my partner that noticed more than I did).

When I first read about placenta encapsulation I have to admit that I was a little taken back. I was worried about whether I would be able to take them, or whether my imagination would take over and make me feel a little uneasy. I was worried about what they would look, taste and smell like, but to my surprise there was no smell and no taste. I was also pleasantly surprised when my recovery time was halved, and I was back to doing my everyday duties just after just 3 weeks.

I will continue to take placenta capsules with any future pregnancies that I have, and I recommend this to anyone that is pregnant. If anyone is quick to judge me and make me feel like I am doing something that is “just not right” – I am quick to let them know that I am doing what is best for myself and my baby (oh, and of course my partner!). I then ask them how they felt when their baby woke them up at all hours of the night, then I compare it to my night and how easy it is to get up with all the energy I have. One thing that both my partner and I were very quick to learn about babies, is that they are very quick to pick up on and react to your emotions. Having the placenta capsules to help me be more relaxed, happier and generally more patient, has made this tough time a lot easier. Thanks for everything Kristin.”                                        

Melissa with baby Hudson

“We arranged to have Kristin encapsulate my placenta after the birth of our first baby. We were more than happy with the overall service. Kristin collected the placenta from the hospital the same day our daughter was born, and returned the following day with the capsules. What we probably weren’t expecting was the warm and friendly support she also provided on her return visit. I ended up talking openly about my birth experience with her and she actually helped me understand a few things about what had happened! She gave me some great tips about breastfeeding and the information in her Booklet was really helpful to my husband and I. We particularly liked how she explained the placenta to us using her cloth placenta. The herbal tea was also lovely! Thanks again Kristin.”

Melissa & Rob

“I had gone through a rough period of postnatal depression after my first baby. While I was pregnant with my second I began to look into how I could avoid going through PND again. I came across placenta encapsulation after seeing some posts on Facebook (of all places!) My baby is now nearly 3 weeks old and I have been taking my capsules from Day 2, as Kristin collected the placenta within a few hours of my son’s birth. I must admit I feel surprisingly good considering the interrupted sleeps and having a toddler! I am also feeling a lot calmer and positive about keeping PND away this time round.”

 Casey B