What’s the most popular method, TCM or Raw Prep?

The preference is close to 50/50 for each method. Most women that choose the TCM based method state they do so because of the history of the method and they feel more confident with bacterial control* due to the steaming heat.

From her research Raeben Nolan has said that she has found that, “Cooking makes a lot more nutrients available to the digestive tract that would otherwise pass through the system unabsorbed, and this is especially true for meat.” (Nolan, 2010 and Ellgen, 2010)

Women who choose the Raw Prep Method state they are after a higher capsule yield and increased retention of compounds – as it is thought that steaming can result in a greater loss of these.

It is also felt that Raw Prep is the more ‘potent’ of the two methods and so women will need less capsules or the same effects. This lower usage make the capsules yield last longer.

* Both methods address any bacterial concerns. No adverse effects have been reported by either method and positive feedback is received from both methods.